Introducing Me

I could launch into a really awful (amazing) song in which a juvenile Nick Jonas is serenading a girl in a really cheesy (wonderful) Disney Channel Original Movie (and you were thinking that’s what I’d do), but this is actually about me.

So, HI!!! Welcome to my blog!!!! I’m so happy you decided to stop by!!! That means the world to me!!! My name is Brandon, I’m 27, I live in Florida and I’m good at wasting time. I think lyrics need to rhyme, and you’re not asking, but I’m…….. wait. Damnit Disney. Go away!

Anyway, this blog is meant for me to just let it all out. There will be stories, opinion based posts (I know, I know…but we aren’t here to fight), and whatever else I feel like posting. So, if you wanna know, here it goes.


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